Monday, December 16, 2013

This game plays like Candy Crush which is probably based on a  Pokemon Game called Pokemon Puzzle League. In this game you try to match 3 to 7 blocks. Matching 3 or 4 blocks gets you 30 or 40 points, but if you match 5 blocks, a boulder drops down and destroys the whole column of blocks and you get 10 points for each block destroyed. If you match 6, you get to click on blocks for around 5 seconds. Each block you click adds 10 points to your score. If you can match 7 blocks, a Pterodactyl flys across the screen and destroys an entire row, adding points for each block destroyed.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Dinosaur Block Crush
We’re working on another dinosaur themed game at called Dinosaur Block Crush. You try to match from 3 to 7 blocks. If you match 3 or 4 blocks you get 30 and 40 points. If you match 5, a boulder drops down and destroys an entire column. Match 6 and for 5 seconds you can click away on the blocks to make them disappear'.. Match 7 and the Pterodactyl flys across the screen wiping out an entire row. Thinking of ideas like floating prizes to get to increase points or slow the blocks down. Hope to have this game releashed by the end of the year.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Dino Run Run

Once this game gets going, get ready! Right away,  the Dinosaur on the lawnmower starts moving in a horizontal side-scrolling scrolling motion. You can slow down or speedup using the arrow keys but you can't stop the lawnmower . When you come to a ledge you can press the up key to jump up to the next ledge. If you don't, you fall into the water. There are items on the ground that you can either push or jump on top of. Pushing them into the water gets you a few points but jumping on 3 of the same items in a row, scores big points. Easy, right?! I think this game is great for young kids because it's fun to look at and quite rewarding to just jump up and down on the scrolling levels..

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Dinosaurs from SPACE......

A new game from called AstroDino. It plays just like the old arcade game called Asteroids but with a dinosaur theme.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Monday, April 08, 2013

Dinosaur Boulder bust brings another dinosaur game for you to play. What a great game Boulder Bust is! Boulders flying everywhere, Pterodactyls dropping eggs, powerups and more. Dino wants to collect all of the candy but the boulders are in the way and if he touches them, he loses health. If he shoots an egg at the boulder, the boulder splits in two. Eventually, if you shoot all the boulders, you can collect all the candy. Watch out for the Pterodactyls though!
Dinosaur Boulder Bust

Dinosaur Raptor Trap

Another new Dinosaur game! Here's another great game from about dinosaurs and for all ages to play. The red T-Rex wants your candy but you need to block him from getting it. You have the advantage because there are more of you then him. But T-Rex is pretty smart! Every time you touch or click on the screen, you put one of your dinosaurs in his way and then it's his turn to move. Can you block T-Rex and keep him from getting your candy?

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Dinosaur Shooting Gallery

One of our funnest Dinosaur games that we've just created. Remember the old Carnival game from Sega back in the '80s? We've re-made it into a Dinosaur themed version and it plays pretty much the same. You have a certain number of shots to knock down all of the targets but you can collect more shots (and bonuses) by hitting the bonus eggs and get big bonus by hitting the letters in the correct order to spell DINOFUN. Just click (or press for mobile devices) where you want to shoot.

Trex On Skateboard Dinosaur T-Shirt (Google Affiliate Ad)

Dinosaur Egg Toss

Wow! Another game we made. This one is really pretty fun. I like maze games and platform games but sometimes just being able to throw things around on the screen is just what you need! Dino Toss does this in a non-violent way. Just click where you want to throw and hold the mouse button down to increase the distance. Also works on iPads real well.